A Good Sense Guide To Keeping Your Kids Drug Free


For some, using drugs is a recreational habit and they can keep it under control. For others, it becomes uncontrollable and starts to affect their daily lives. There are many different types of drug addiction or substance abuse. Once can be addicted to drugs, alcohol, nicotine, prescriptions and even sex.

Now what should we look for in other people who we might suspect have a drinking problem. For some we might be able to pick up on the signs before it becomes a problem. Noticing someone drinking more heavily then they have before might clue you into a problem in the making. Other of alcoholism and alcohol abuse are lack of interest in activities that might have once brought your loved ones interest, and centering recreational activities around drinking, or having uncharacteristically reckless behavior.

How can you be a compassionate person if you can’t feel the emotions of others? When the psychologist revealed that Kevin struggled with emotional issues this was a red flag to me that there are greater underlying problems that could have answered the why alcohol addiction signs of this crime.

Keep little (or better yet no) alcohol at home; ease the temptation of drinking in isolation, or having that first drink “just for the hell of it”. If you DO keep alcohol at home for visitors, stock the types you don’t like so you won’t reach for them as easily.

My mother passed away the next year signs and symptoms of alcohol abuse our family doctor prescribed lorazepam for both my dad, who came to stay with us for a time, and for me. I don’t like to take medicines that make me feel loopy, so I didn’t take them, but I noticed that the contents of the bottle kept disappearing. Much later, I found that he was, not only taking the pills, but he was also taking the bottles in to have the prescription refilled as per the doctor’s instructions.

Quitting drinking is usually the path taken when things are bad, and not likely to get better without quitting alcohol. Sometimes it just gets to that point, when other efforts have failed.

These are just a few of the best reasons why and where parents seek drug rehabs and alcohol awareness classes as well as Minor in Possession classes. By utilizing your own will to keep your family safe, the right decisions will be easy to make.