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If you are a runner or cyclist you are a human propulsion system ?? a living breathing machine energized by the act of activity. InSport fabric conquers the problem of overheating. I am amazed at the lightness of the InSport apparel line, which is guaranteed against defects in materials and workmanship for three years from date of purchase. Heck, most of my gear gets such a workout that after three years it is ready to be replaced anyway!The Frontrunner Air Split Short is made of quick drying polyester micro fiber, and it breathes. Much of InSport apparel is made of comfort stretch X-STATIC fabric that wicks moisture away from the body, thus inhibiting odor. X-STATIC anti-odor technology is also thermodynamic and anti-static, thus regulating body temperature and reducing electrostatic discharge.The natural silver in the garment is what makes it antimicrobial. Silver has the best thermodynamic temperature properties for warm or cool climates. X-STATIC is safe and natural and will last the life of the product. The silver conducts heat and reflects it back to the body, or expels it. The silver stripes are actually pure silver, which is permanently bonded to the fibers within the fabric. These fibers cannot wear off or wash out, and will perform for the life of the garment.The workout improvement benefits you will feel include elimination of body odor; natural antimicrobial performance; evenly distributed body heat; and elimination of static. The full split side seam allows maximum freedom of movement and there is a large interior key pocket for storage. InSport has created gear using X-STATIC in women??s running shorts, women??s sport bras and shimmels, and men??s running shorts.InSport also manufactures cycling apparel that defeats your athletic enemies: pain and pressure. When you work out with intensity you are in training. InSport has training apparel for all your workout needs that stretches evenly with your body movements. The fabric pulls moisture from your skin, stays dry and light. The apparel repels rain, resists wind, and breathes in any weather. The cycling fabrics were designed with reflective piping, Fila Kjører zipper flaps and locks, and Nike Revolution 4 Offwhite flat lock stitching. Made in America!