What is Internet Protocol Television IPTV?


SIP technology makes it easier to establish an updated communication system at your business organization so that you can share your valuable thoughts and ideas with your employees and they can execute them properly and also you will be able to collect more revenues for your business through satisfied customer response.

The easy accessibility and cost-effectiveness of IPTV services have made it quite beneficial. Moreover, there are many benefits of these services and reasons behind subscribing the same.

Some of these are-

The MPLS VPN service are set of methods that deliver an efficient, scalable and reliable method of connecting sites together in multiple locations and countries to provide fully managed WAN capability.

It is a common platform where a large number of services such as enterprise resource planning (ERP), multimedia, videoconferencing, voice over IP (VoIP), etc, are provided. The MPLS technology significantly reduces the need of data link layer technology such as frame relay, asynchronous transfer mode (ATM) and Ethernet.

The data link layer technology is significantly complex and expensive in nature as compared to MPLS VPN technology which enables companies to have a direct connection with the geographical sites without purchasing any physical circuits for it.

(MPLS) is the mechanism used in high performance telecommunication networks and is considered to be highly scalable data transferring method from one network node to the other.

It belongs to the packet switched networks family where the data is in the form of packets that are to be transferred. The virtual private network (VPN) is a secured network that connects remote users or sites with business’s private network through virtual connections routed through internet.

It is designed to provide a secured, encrypted path through which data is transmitted between the remote user and the company network. Each data packet is assigned with a particular label which alone influences the packet routing or forwarding decisions without any detailed examination of the packets.

The MPLS service provider network uses high capacity routers along with the MPLS edge routers that send as well as receive data from the routers placed at individual locations.

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It develops the operating system and menus used to control these interactive miracles of technology. ITV and Channel 4 use its synchronisation tool, xplayer.

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Besides, mobile IPTV, Satellite IPTV and hybrid IPTV are cashing in on existing contents adding to R&D development costs. Video encoding costs are rising too. That apart, full automated encoding does not guarantee excellence in quality.

If a single movie can gross something between $100 and $200M, why should sub-million development costs impede the growth of IPTV? Cost remains a major issue despite the existence of IEEE standard for IPTV like Home PNA 3.0 G9954.

GAO Comm website is an international leading provider of communication test instruments, equipment for the installation, testing and maintenance of communications infrastructures.

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