How the planets influence your marriage


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Valentine’s Day will soon be here, so I decided to write an article about couples and astrology. Astrology is a hot topic. I will be sharing some key elements that make a healthy relationship between two people.

Here are some results from a little study I did with friends. The majority of charts I reviewed were those of romantic couples. However, I also saw some platonic friend charts. These results were very similar.

Editor’s note: You will see positive aspects and negative aspects throughout the article. Positive aspects are trine, conjunction, and sextile (unless there is a need for specification), while negative aspects are squares and oppositions (unless there is a need for specification). This explanation is provided for your convenience. Trine means that two planets are 120 degrees apart, bringing ease and comfort, conjunction means that two planets are at the same degree for the same sign, which combines energies to usually strengthen both, and sextile means that two planets are 60 degrees apart, the aspect of opportunity. Square means that two of the planets are 90 degrees away. This creates tension and can pose challenges. On the other hand, opposite means that they are 180 degrees from one another, creating complete opposites.

Sun/Moon/Ascendant Aspects:

The Sun/Moon/Ascendant aspects of any relationship are vital. This will bring together energy and like-mindedness to the relationship. For example, it would be great to have a trine, sextile, or combination between any of these positions in a relationship. This indicates that there is an easy flow and energy between the individuals involved. They are very similar personalities so they get along well and enjoy each others company. Conjunctions may have mixed results. However, I find them to be the most beneficial when the Sun/Moon/Ascendant is involved.

Oppositions or squares between any two points can lead to significant differences and problems that the couple will need to deal with. They could be personality differences (Sun/Ascendant), and they might be instinctive emotional differences, (Moon). However, there will be differences between the square-and opposition aspects.

Venus/Moon Aspects

Venus and Moon are very important personal solar planets. These two influence our interactions with others. Venus is a social and emotional planet. The Moon, on the other hand, is a social planet. Positive aspects all do well with the Moon and Venus, and many loving couples have them in their charts. Both planets have gentle energie, which makes them a great couple.

Negative aspects of Venus and Moon can be a sign of attraction. However, they are often more distasteful for each others’ behavior. The couple may be attracted, but they have a problem with each other’s emotional responses.

Mercury Aspects

Mercury is not a planet many people associate with relationships. But how can a relationship be successful if there is no clear communication? Easy communication is indicated by positive Mercury aspects. If there is a positive Mercury aspect, the couple will be able to communicate easily.

With hard or negative aspects between two people’s Mercury placements, communication is much more difficult. Mercury squares and oppositions can make it difficult to understand each other’s intentions and arguments are more common due to misinterpretations or misunderstandings. This is not a definitive sign of a split, but it can cause the relationship to become more volatile.

Venus/Mars Aspects

A couple who has a positive Venus/Mars element in their chart is bound to have strong physical chemistry. These are the couples that passionately make love to each other any chance they get. These couples can easily have intimate conversations with one another because their needs and desires are compatible. Venus is able to give Mars what it wants intimately, and both planets are incredibly attracted to each other.

Even couples with a square or opposition between one person’s Mars and the other’s Venus have great chemistry. It might be a more difficult match than it looks, but Mars and Venus aspects can make for a wonderful couple, provided that there are other strong positive qualities.

Jupiter Aspects

Jupiter is a combination of many aspects. Jupiter can cause overindulgence in a relationship but can also bring joy, optimism, and joy. Jupiter should have enough aspects with their personal planets to make the couple feel happy together, but not too many. Jupiter aspects between people can make them more generous and more positive.

Jupiter squares and oppositions can make it a little too much. The couple may buy gifts for each other constantly, draining their finances, or spend on trips and anything that makes them happy. The Jupiter partner will likely be the impulsive spender.

Saturn Aspects

Saturn aspects bring a healthy dose of realism to relationships. Relationships need to be optimistic and enthusiastic, but they also need practicality. Saturn is a good “anchor”, especially when it comes to positive aspects. These aspects tend to bring stability to the relationship, which helps it last through difficult times.

Saturn’s negative qualities can be more difficult to handle but are not impossible. Saturn’s negative aspects are easier to deal with when paired up with Venus or Moon, which is a gentler planet. Saturn can also be in opposition in squares or oppositions. Saturn people may be too harsh in their criticisms.

Uranus Aspects:

Uranus can bring a bit of chaos to everything it touches. This can make relationships exciting but can also cause problems for people who prefer a lot more peace and tranquility in their lives. Uranus, through the conjunctions, textiles, as well as sometimes the conjunctions, can bring some variety and excitement. However, squares and opposing planets may prove too much for one or both of its partners.

When I was done with my research, it became clear that successful relationships contain a balance of the above aspects. The ones that were struggling had more negative planets and aspects, while those who thrived had strong trines, textiles and combinations between positive planets. It is essential to balance, but it can be difficult for couples to manage too many things. What matters is that you make an effort to work through the issues and savor the good in any relationship.