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One of the kitesurfing techniques that we would like to discuss in this article is body dragging. This is a more advanced technique and you should be familiar with the basic techniques before proceeding to this one. You will need to practice the following steps (down the wind body drag technique). First of all, step in the water and get underway with your kite. Try to use the power of your kite to body drag yourself across the water area. Practice 8 shape patterns and sine wave patterns on the left and right sides, landing your kite and launching it.

The upwind body dragging kitesurfing techniques are analogous to down the wind body drag technique. The only difference is that you will need to position your kite at the right or left side of the wind screen and keep one of your hands beneath the water.

Another one of the kitesurfing techniques that is very valuable is learning how to steer your board. First of all, of course, you will need to be comfortable and completely in control while just standing on your board. You can follow the following steps to practice steering your board. To steer your board to the side that is away from the wind, try putting more pressure on your front foot and Harajuku Koşu moving your body weight towards the face of the board. To steer your board to the side that is towards the wind, do the opposite by putting more pressure on your back foot. Article Tags: Body Dragging, Kitesurfing Techniques, Body Drag