Breakdown Cover – Think Of How Much You Travel!


Asking for payment in two or more stages will help preserve cash flow whilst you’re working on larger projects. Where appropriate, you could also consider asking for a deposit or partial payment up-front – perhaps when you’re dealing with a new customer, or someone who has delayed paying you in the past. Make sure the details of any staged payments are set out clearly in a written contract before you start work.

words of inspiration for someone fighting addiction Some are highly sophisticated, ornate and true to life. You have a choice of trees, birds in flight, the sun and the moon (along with the stars). Others are whimsical in a free style children’s print, like an octopus, hot air balloons and internet marketing fish. Others may be stock design, like bubbles, geometric shapes and other patterns which are intended to lift your mood and add a little vibrancy to an otherwise sterile environment. A map of the world can be a great wall decal backdrop for a travel agency. Clean lines like squares, boxes and slightly off-center designs may be a great avant-garde look for a computer design store or other private business dealing with modern products. Abstract has always been thought of as modern and very interesting.

As each person reads their prepared list, they can make a brief statement about what the afflicted person means to them and that they care about them, that the intervention and the list they are going to read is done with love and concern.

You may be feeling discouraged because you see other better, leaner, faster athletes who are winning every race they run and you are yet to win. Congratulate them and keep going on, your day is coming.

words of inspiration for sobriety All too often your self worth may become dependent upon weather you live up to the expectations of others in “addiction recovery”. You may feel if you are perfect and follow the program exactly you will obtain the peace and forgiveness you seek. Don’t confuse your actions or the actions of others with God’s desire or will to love or help you. You may feel that if you relapse you have failed or are unworthy of God’s help. Or you may only feel valued if you “follow the program”, remain sober, attend meetings, or call yourself an alcoholic or drug addict as you have been told to do by the professionals.

Utilize all the tools you can. Many find that entering a professional setting for alcohol detox and combining that with AA meetings has been very helpful and created success in their recovery. Some see recovery as abstaining from alcohol and not a cure. Whatever works for you and your beliefs is the way to continue in breaking free from the addiction. Only you know why you drink, and what it will take not to submit to alcohol addiction.

words of encouragement for sobriety There are literally millions of people who are taking various anticoagulants including aspirin to help thin the blood to prevent heart attacks. If the blood is less “sticky” then it is less likely to clump together causing a stroke or heart attack.

If you are already paying higher rates on your existing life insurance because of high blood pressure or high cholesterol, and you lower those numbers to normal levels, contact your insurance company and let them know. They should lower your rates.